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( Groovy Club Mixes, Indigo Club, Pop 77 )

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.Groovy Club non commercial mixes

Electro, Minimal, Progressive..

.Ufo & Waka_x - Indigo Club Mixes @ Analog Radio, Timisoara

Indigo Club #103
Duminica 10 aprilie 2005
Radio Analog
Timisoara Lugoj Deva
(Keyser CSB radio show 2004.03.25)


London Elektricity - Rewind (live) (Hospital)
Amp Fiddler - Possibilities (Genuine)
DJ P-Nice - Small Stone Houses (Naked Beats)
Blockhead - Insomniac Olympics (Ninja Tune)
Danny Breaks - Down By Law (Alphabet Zoo)
Marcel feat. Conrad - I Like To Tell Ya Things (Cookin)
Lomb - unknown (cdr)
7 Samurai - Bluesanova (GAMM)
12th Floor - Take It Back (Wah Wah)
Red Astaire - The Get Down (GAMM)
The Mighty Gorilla - A Charmed Funk (bootleg)
Grooveman Spot - Voyage The Sky - Grooveman Spot remix (Kriztal Entertainment)
Bergendy Group - The Right Direction - The Mighty Gorilla reedit (cdr)
Forms of Plasticity - Doombap - Crate Soul Brothers remix (Universal Jazz)
Zagar - Bossa Astoria - Erik Sumo rework (UGAR)
Crate Soul Brothers - Flyin' Down To Rio (Perfect.Toy)
The Five Corners Quintet - The Devil Kicks (Ricky Tick)

.Pop 77 - I am the heart that you call home

On - Aphex Twin
How Long - Out Hud
M62 Song (Four Tet Remix) - Doves
Stardust Hotel - Jaga Jazzist
Hello Tomorrow - Squeak E. Clean ft. Karen O.
Green Grass Of Tunnel - Mum
Nothing Better (Styrofoam Remix) - The Postal Service
Matinee (Zongamin Unreleased Remix) - Franz Ferdinand
Robot Rock (Soulwax remix) - Daft Punk
Arp Center - Principles Of Geometry
Knowing The Things That I Know - The Blow
Dog Day - Machine Drum
Yeti - Caribou
October Song - Audible
Unseen In The Disco - Tarwater
Surfing On A Rocket (Juan Mac Lean Mix) - Air
Heartbeat (Maurice Fulton Mix) - Annie

..pop 77 - Mix028 - April 16th. 2005

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